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5KG C02 Fire Extinguisher

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5 Kg CO2 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

The 5Kg CO2 Extinguisher is Ideal for hospitals, larger workshops, factories, garages and offices.

Product Overview

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) extinguishers are typically used on fires in live electrical equipment as they use a clean agent gas to extinguish fires without causing a mess, or contaminating sensitive electronics. The gas is non-conductive and is the recommended choice for any electrical fire and works by displacing the oxygen that a fire needs to sustain itself.

The CO2 extinguisher also comes with a Class B rating, which certifies its use on Flammable Liquid fires (petrol, diesel, solvents, etc.) but cannot be used on Class A risks (Solid Combustibles – paper, wood, cardboard, textiles, etc.), Class C risks (Flammable Gases – Propane, Butane, etc.) or Class F risks (cooking oils & fats). For this reason it is commonly paired with a AFF Foam units for Class A, or a Wet Chemical unit for Class F, to make up a Fire Point that addresses all local risks.

All of our CO2 units are manufactured in accordance with IS EN3 and the European Pressure Equipment Directive.

Product Information

Ideal for hospitals, larger workshops, factories, garages and offices. The 5kg CO2 extinguisher is suitable for use on electrical fires or flammable liquids. It is harmless to electrical equipment, making it an excellent choice for use in offices and workshops.

General Features

Pre checked and ready for mounting
Light weight aluminium
No clean up after use
5 kg comes with hose & horn
Safety pin to reduce inadvertent discharge
Supplied with wall mounting bracket
Fully refillable and serviceable
Spare parts available
Also available in 3Kg version

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