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3KG CO2 Fire Extinguisher

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3kg Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

Safety First CO2 Fire Extinguisher 3kg

General Information

The CO2 Extinguisher contain carbon dioxide in liquid form for class B and E fires, and when the extinguisher is let off the liquid is released into the air neutralising the oxygen that the fire is feeding on, disabling the fires ability to spread.

This is an effective way to put out fires and also prevent fire from reoccurring because of the lack of oxygen and the ice cold temperature of the CO2 when released from the extinguisher. Being harmless to electrical equipment these extinguishers are ideal for offices ,workshops or any premises that uses electrical equipment.

Product description

CO2 High Pressure portable Fire Extinguisher, filled with CO2 Gas Control discharge mechanism fitted with Bend pipe and Discharge Horn, Discharge Time 9 Sec, Average Discharge is 95%, Applicable on Class B, C and electrically started Fire, Fire Rating 8B, A simple discharge mechanism allows you to control the discharge and optimize use of the extinguishing agent. Helpful in training to handle during emergency situations Children should be trained.

  • Material : Iron
  • Ring Handle Mount
  • CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher
  • Clear Instruction Label & No Maintenance
  • Safe for use on sensitive equipment.
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